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Style: Filter3 – Waterproof case sports camera



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Name: gopro hero 5 6 7Black (2018) generation black camera waterproof case
Waterproof: 45 meters
Size: Length 8cm Width 4.6cm Height 8.5cm
Shipping standard; waterproof case 1pcs+aircraft screw 1pcs+standard screw 1pcs+base 1pcs (aircraft box packaging shipment)
Option 1. gopro5 6 7 waterproof case
Option 2. gopro5 6 7 waterproof case with red filter
Option 3. gopro5 6 7 waterproof case with purple filter
Option 4. gopro5 6 7 waterproof case with pink filter
Option 5. gopro5 6 7 waterproof shell plus red purple pink 3 color filters
Option six. gopro5 6 7 waterproof shell plus red purple pink 3 color filters + one velvet bag + one anti-fog insert
1; The shell body material is made of imported acrylic “organic glass”, selected raw materials are professionally manufactured and rigorously inspected, whether it is ice or snow, or deep sea diving, it can be easily dealt with.
2. High-strength tempered glass is used as a waterproof shell lens, with AF and AR double optical coating. The lens has better light transmittance, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. Whether shooting underwater or daily protection, natural light and colors can be highly restored.
3; Add aircraft screw configuration, bid farewell to the previous laborious and troublesome, let you play more easily.
4; Ordinary life, be brave to be yourself! Recognize yourself from another angle!

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