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SKU: Q119-CJXFXJYD00033-4GB card

Color: 4GB card – sq13 wireless camera



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Video format: AVI
Video encoding: M-IPEG
Video resolution: 1920X 1080P
Video frame rate: 30FPS
Film and television ratio: 16: 9
Photo resolution: 12M (4032X3024)
Picture format .: JPG
Motion detection: support
Battery type: built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery
TV OUT: Supported
Battery capacity: 300mAh
Battery operating time: 90 minutes of continuous recording
Storage support: up to 32G TF card
Transmission speed: Hi-Speed USB2.0
Interface type: Micro USB 2.0
Support system: WINDOWS ME / 2000 / XP / 2003 / VISTA / MAC OS. LINUX
Play software: the system comes with or mainstream video playback software


Where to use it: Please strictly abide by the relevant laws of the country where you are using it, and do not use this product for any illegal purpose, otherwise you will bear the consequences.

Working temperature: Please use it under natural temperature, please don’t use it under the temperature that human body can’t adapt to.

  Operating Humidity: Please use it under human-friendly ambient humidity. Do not place the product in a humid working environment.

Shooting requirements: Please use in an environment with sufficient light sources. Do not point the camera directly at strong light sources such as the sun to avoid damage to the optical components.

  Cleaning requirements: Do not use it in an environment where the dust density is too high, so as to prevent the lens and other parts from contaminating the dust, which will affect the camera effect.


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